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Dynamic is a design system that offers a perspective on User Interface Design for mobile phone Augmented Reality applications.

This web-based manual, currently a work-in-progress, provides a complex UI taxonomy system and a series of design guidelines. Based on this manual, a UI toolkit made for Unity is scheduled to be released in May 2019.


There are four resources that provide insights on different but closely related aspects of User Interface and User Experience design for mobile phone augmented reality.

Design Guidelines

What does it mean to design for augmented reality? This article quickly explains five high-level design guidelines that can be useful to your next mobile phone AR project.

Will be available in December 2019.


How can the component types defined in the Component Taxonomy interact with one another and how can users interact with them?

Will be available in February 2019.


This Unity plug-in provides different layouts for several types of mobile phone AR applications.

Will be available in May 2019.


I can only complete this project standing on shoulders of giants. Having had opportunities to interview with quite a few AR developers, designers and experts, I'm in the process of putting together a podcast that features some of these valuable perspectives.

Have any feedback or want to be featured in my podcast? Shoot an email to chanel.luuhai@gmail.com.